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& Dragons

SEPTEMBER 7 - 10, 2023

Scranton, PA

Join host Liza Roberts and game masters Andy, Eric, and Riza for an immersive three session mini campaign in a beautiful mansion in Scranton, PA. The weekend includes the games, a photo session with Liza, and a surprise ending to your tabletop adventure. Scroll down to see your package options...

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Adventure Highlights

Lodging &
Game Snacks

Most options include lodging in a beautiful mansion in Scranton, PA. This is where your tabletop gaming adventure will take place. Snacks will be provided to make your gaming experience even better.

A surprise ending...

What awaits you at the end of your epic journey? Join us and find out!

D&D Adventures

Game with experienced game masters in one of three fantastical games.

Photography Session as your Character

Dress as your character and go out for a magical photography session with Liza.

Join Us

Ready to explore with us? Shop the offerings below. Payment plans are available for all options.

Share with a friend or partner for almost all options!
Packages do not include transportation or meals except for a pizza dinner Friday night, and a special surprise Saturday night.


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY PACKAGES.  We will honor refunds, of course, if the event needs to be cancelled or postponed. 

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