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Reserve a "Creating a Kingdom" Space

Simply fill out the form below and make your reservation or purchase!

Reservation Form & Payment

Questions? Email Liza directly at

*YOU MUST be at least 18 to attend the event.

I am aware that no refunds will be provided to me if I decide I don't want to come or cannot come and the event organizers are not responsible for finding a replacement for my spot if I want to re-sell it. I understand transportation is not provided for me but I can purchase a SEPTA pass that will be mailed to me if I choose. I understand that Creating a Kingdom is a safe and welcoming event and that discrimination of another attendee, host, or volunteer for the event based on race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, or age will not be tolerated. I will be asked to leave the event if I should ignore this rule. *YOU MUST be at least 18 to attend the event and MUST be at least 21 to stay the night. The overnight policy is at the request of the Airbnb host.

We received your reservation! Thank you!

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