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The Golden Age of Hollywood (1927-1969) was considered the greatest period of cinema in America. It began with the introduction of sound capabilities for theatres and ended when major studios began competing with televisions in homes. This content creation project aims to celebrate the golden age of cinema in a pre-party to after-party styled shoot. The production will then culminate in a patron event at a major ballroom in NYC. 

The production team, led by myself (Liza Roberts), Jacob Ames, Phillip Linnik, Charlotte Hood, and Laura Marin of Second Star Events is looking for talent to embody what the Golden Age was and what it should have been. We are casting talent of all backgrounds, especially those of marginalized identities, to portray stars of the Golden Age. 

The project is in early stages of planning and casting. We can tell you it will be in NYC the week of Valentine's Day the party event for patrons and our creative team on Valentine's Day 2024. The aim of the project is to produce amazing content we can share with our audiences across social media platforms including photography by myself, and video from Jacob Ames and Phillip Linnik. While we hope to be able to pay something, we cannot promise monetary compensation at this time. We are able to offer housing should you not live close to the city.

We are looking for those passionate about creating, networking, and having a great time. If you are interested, please fill out the application at this link:




Liza Roberts

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Charlotte Hood


Jacob Ames

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Phillip Linnik

Film Reels

Laura Marin

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