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August 5, 2023 - HUDSON VALLEY, NEW YORK

Inspired by Tolkien's Mirkwood, the great forest of Middle Earth and home to the wood elves, Greenleaves is an effort to build something creative through community. 

Greenleaves will be an enchanted one night event totally created through crowdfunding and collaborative effort. Patrons at the highest tiers will be invited to experience a dinner like no other along side some of their favorite creators in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. 

Read on to uncover more of the tale, and how you can breathe life into Greenleaves...

The Mission

Greenleaves aims to discover what can happen when a creative community comes together to create a shared fantasy. What if we could make an enchanted forest on a rural New York property just a couple of hours from one of the world's greatest cities? Liza Roberts would like to find out. Join her in creating a fairytale that we can all share and say we had a part in creating. Similar to kickstarter, this independent project will rely heavily on resources from those willing to gift their talents, and those who are able to contribute monetary funds. Unlike other projects though, you'll be able to see (and choose if you so like) exactly what your contribution is adding to the project. Do you want to cover the cost of a gown for a model (who could be one of your favorite creators)? Maybe you'd like to chip in with several others to buy the lighting that will hang over the shoot to create the ethereal glow of Greenleaves Forest? The choice is yours and you'll be able to see exactly what YOU helped to create. 

The Creative Team

The creative team is still coming together! Photos and bios about us will be made available as soon as possible.

Join the Project

Join the Project

Help us create Greenleaves by joining as a Patron!


Contribute to Greenleaves & Receive rewards! You could even attend the event...

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Liza is looking for ONLY the following:

  • Event rentals. An individual or company that can deliver and set up tables, chairs, flatware, dinnerware, etc.

  • Those who have small items they'd like to offer, promote, or sell for a themed gift bag. 

No other skills are needed at this time. Those writing in to offer other help such as photography or modeling will not receive responses just because there are so many things coming in to Liza's inbox!

All applicants must have a photo portfolio. Please send this portfolio to after filling out the contact form (you can also send your entire inquiry via direct email). 

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