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Creating a Kingdom

A Fantastical Day for Creatives
March 25, 2023 | Philadelphia, PA

One of my goals in life has always been to be helpful. One of my favorite ways to do that is to help people form meaningful connections whether it be a professional relationship or a true friendship. This day is about connections and creativity. This day is for YOU.

I want to thank everyone for their support for my work and that work of my community. That's why I'm organizing a pay what you wish (including nothing!) day for you full of creative workshops, seminars, and photoshoots. I'm so inspired by you all and I can't wait to meet as many of you as possible! JOIN US!

Tell me more...

The easiest way to plan this day will be to figure out exactly how many of you would like to attend. This will help me choose locations and venues. If I get a location that will serve 5 of you when 45 want to come well...eek! So please note EXACT times and locations are not available but if you sign up to come, rest assured you will be updated as soon as information is available. 

The day will include seminars, workshops, group shoots, free/open shoots, and more!

If you choose to attend you will receive a sign up sheet. Some seminars and workshops may have capacity for seating/attendees due to their nature or the venue where they will be held. Reservations will be on a first come, first served basis for ALL attendees.


Workshop & Seminar Hosts


Liza Roberts

Finding Comfort With Posing for Self Portraits and Your Models


Ellie Desautels

Acting for Models


Marianne Bell -
Lost Lands Collections

On-Site Styling Advice

& Selfie Booth Designer


Yana Karin

Camera & Lighting Wizardry 101,

All About equipment


Queen Astraea

Deconstructing Sounds & Thinking on the Fly for TikTok



Cottagecore Life


Sewcialist Revolution

Cosplay 101


Briana Darnell

Intro to Swords for Photography

unnamed (1).jpg

Madi Reinhold

Studio Lighting: Light Your Portraits Like a Painting

Screenshot 2022-10-09 065839.png

Dames a la Mode

Faking History: Visual Time Travel with Minimal Effort

Attend the Event

Click the photo above the description to go to the reservation page.

Image by Ricardo Cruz


NO TRANSPORTATION will be covered. It is recommended you buy a SEPTA pass upon arrival to Philly if you are not driving.

Image by Shanti Donato

SEPTA Transit Pass Only - $15

SEPTA Transit (rail and bus system) pass will be snail mailed to you before the event. This fee covers the $13 pass, tax, and postage.

Image by Jonathan Kemper

SEPTA Pass + Adventurer's Pack - $25

SEPTA Transit pass plus a pack filled with rations (snacks), a water skin (water bottle, of course) and other tools necessary for conquering the day (i.e. lens wipes, lip balm, and other necessities).

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