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Medieval Mythologies

November 30- December 3, 2023

Cleveland, OH 


Come adventure with Liza and new friends near Cleveland, OH! Liza is from Ohio and SO EXCITED to show you her old stomping grounds. We'll do a photoshoot based on Arthurian legends around a castle, relax in a hot tub, and bond over good food. Join us!


Adventure Highlights

Photoshoot at Squires Castle

We will do a Medieval based photoshoot at Squires Castle about 40 minutes from the BnB!


Every trip Liza always is so amazed at how much people grow and connect with each other. Let's order in one night, watch a movie in our Airbnb on the awesome projector or maybe drink some wine in our hot tub. Either way, it's going to be a magical and creative time. 


No need to worry about driving around during the retreat, groceries, or splitting bills. Your groceries, transportation, and dinging out costs are built in to your retreat fees.

You Choose the other Theme!

We will do another photoshoot in addition to the medieval mythology theme... and the group will choose the theme collectively!

Join Us

Ready to explore with us? Shop the offerings below. Payment plans are available for all options. While flights are not included, transportation from the Cleveland airport to the bnb (15 minutes one way!) and back on the last day ARE included. You must make sure your travel arrangements are cleared by Liza, however, so the group plans are not compromised. The packages cover photoshoots, weekend activities, lodging, and food. 

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