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Tales of Venelia - SOLD OUT


Pacific City, Oregon


Venelia- Wind & Sea, a Roman deity of the sea


Come away to the rocky Oregon coast with Liza Roberts and Julie Floro. Explore Pacific coast treasures on a two-day, three-night adventure! Photoshoots, group bonding, and more... Discover the themes for the photoshoots below!

Image by Cody Doherty

Photoshoot Themes


Sea salt, rum (or maybe just some coconut water), and treasures abound! Liza and Julie will lead a pirate themed shoot for the group.

Candlelight Nymphs

 Join Liza and Julie at a magical waterfall tucked away in the woods...

Elven Woods

The scent of petrichor and pine fills the air. Moss grows on every visible surface. The high elves process through the fern covered forest floor, their skin shimmer with dew and starlight. 


This shoot is inspired by elves of high fantasy and led by Julie Floro. 

Seaside Romanticism

Ethereal beings stand on the rocky coast, the salty air whipping their hair. Robed in flowing gowns and garments, they peer out into the endless horizon...

This shoot is inspired by paintings of the Romantic era and led by Liza Roberts.

Join Us

Ready to explore with us? Shop the offerings below. Payment plans are available for all options. While flights are not included, transportation from the Portland airport to the bnb and back on the last day ARE included. You must make sure your travel arrangements are cleared by Julie and Liza, however, so the group plans are not compromised. The packages cover photoshoots, weekend activities, and lodging. Grocery add-on is available. 

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