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Retreats F.A.Q.

All you need to know about Liza's retreats!

Liza has been hosting creative retreats around the country (and in England) for around 8 years. Her love for bringing people together, travel, and creating make her the perfect host for a creative getaway. But WHAT IS a creative retreat? Here are some frequently asked questions for those wondering if this adventure is for them.... 

(It most certainly is!)



A Liza Roberts Creative Retreat (LRCR...just kidding, no one calls it that) is for YOU. Anyone is welcome to attend. It is a Thursday night - Sunday morning adventure designed to help you connect with other creative folks, produce beautiful images for your use on social media (or wherever you see fit), and explore new places. 

Thursday night you will arrive at the BnB chosen by Liza. Liza strives to find beautiful and comfortable BnBs in the most magical locations. You will meet your fellow adventurers, play some games, and settle in for the night. You have a long weekend ahead!

Friday could begin with a sunrise shoot....or sleeping in, but either way it is sure to be a packed day. Day one typically consists of one to two photoshoots, shared meals, and downtime in the evening. It may not sound like a lot but the shoots take a lot out of you! 

Saturday looks a lot like Friday but may only have one shoot depending if you got through two of the typical three shoots. If you only have one shoot on Saturday, Liza typically will host a workshop. Workshops could be on anything from editing to posing for self portraits to styling fantasy portraits. Because the locations Liza chooses are typically wonderous, the group usually takes an outing to explore the town or a nearby attraction. The night ends with a shared meal out or at the Airbnb.

Sunday is checkout day and the adventure has come to an end, until next time!


1 / Does my admission fee include transportation, costumes, and groceries?

No. Liza sometimes offers these items as add-ons, but to keep costs low, the admission fee only includes photoshoots and lodging unless otherwise stated.

2 / Do special guests attend retreats?

Yes, sometimes! In the past guests such as Queen Astraea, Charlotte of Chateau Barefoot, Madi Reinhold, Mint Faery, Kelsey of I Do Declare, and more have attended retreats as guests. 

3 / Can I bring my friend/partner with me?

Please do! Typically though, extra fees apply to share a room/bed with someone. This is because the Airbnbs often charge for extra people. It's also extra work for Liza to manage more people!

4 / I have an idea for a place Liza should travel, where do I send that?

Amazing! Liza would love to hear! Please contact her using this form.

5 / I'm very nervous about meeting/going on a trip with strangers. Aren't most people? What is that like?

You are not alone! Liza realizes you are making a huge investment in yourself by coming on this adventure. The number one thing she hears is how people were so nervous to come but glad they did. You'll soon realize almost everyone, if not everyone, is in the same boat as you! Liza is gifted at making people feel safe and seen and will facilitate you making friends with your adventure companions in no time.

We also make a Discord server ahead of time so you can chat and meet before actually meeting in person. This helps a ton!

6 / I have a question that isn't answered here...

Sure thing! You can submit it at the contact form and Liza will update this page and reply to you ASAP.


Coming Soon!


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