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When you're ready to purchase, click here to see the wishlist and add what you'd like your funds to go toward in the "Custom Text" field! 


For your gift, you will receive the following:

- Invite to an early planning call (you will be able to sit in and listen and type in questions)

- Exclusive live Q&A with Liza

- One 5x7 print from the event

- Access to design sketches from our costumers

- Access to Liza's planning notes

- Access to the Pinterest planning board

- One entry per dollar gifted for a raffle entry 

Your gift can either go toward an item or pool of your choice (you can choose in the "store") or you can add to the general pool which Liza will use to cover anything we need. 

Evenstar Tier

  • There are no refunds. 

  • You will receive your rewards as the become available and formal invitation via snail mail closer to the event date. 

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